Can I have a separate billing and delivery address?

Yes, you can enter a separate billing and delivery address on the Safer Pet website when you place your order.

How do I create an account?

The website will prompt you to create an account when you purchase your Safer Pet device and subscription. Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you need to sign up. For security reasons, you need to register again as your website account does not automatically transfer to the app.

How do I attach the tracker to my pet?

The tracker must first be inserted into the silicone case and then the two loops of the case can be threaded through the pet's collar.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to hear that you want to leave us. Please email us at care@saferpet.com before your subscription renews.

Will I need to buy a SIM card?

No, the SIM card is included with your device and data usage is included as part of your subscription.

How do I order a subscription on the website?

You will be asked to select a subscription plan when you place an order. There are various subscription lengths available to choose from, but all subscriptions are a minimum of 12 months.

GPS vs Bluetooth

This is a common question, so we have produced a comprehensive comparison guide here.

Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping is free to the UK mainland.

Can I log in on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, our App supports multi-user multi-device; you will need to download the app on each device you wish to use, but then you can log in on multiple devices simultaneously.

Do you have a blog?

Yes, you can access our Blog here.

How do I change my password?

We have a forgotten password link on our website and log in screen on the app. Use that link to request a password reset. Any problems, please contact us at care@saferpet.com or through our chat support on the website so we can help you.

Will the tracker harm my pet?

No, not at all. We love our pets and would never hurt them. Our tracker is CE/RoHS approved, which means it has been tested by an independent test lab. We have also tested our trackers on a variety of dogs and cats of all different shapes and sizes. The tracker is very lightweight.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to most of Europe, excluding Italy.

How do I download the App to my device?

The App is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

How accurate is the tracking?

The Safer Pet GPS tracker is typically accurate to 5-15 meters, but GPS accuracy depends on the device's visibility of the sky and other environmental factors.

How can I pay?

Customers can pay securely using a credit or debit card.

Do I need to register with a phone network?

No, the SIM card is included with your device and data usage is included as part of your subscription.

Why do I need a subscription?

A subscription is necessary to cover the data usage of the SIM card from your tracker.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation email. It is not possible to change or cancel the order after this point. However, you have 14 days from the date of your order to return the items to us if you change your mind.

Helpdesk Opening Hours

Our customer care desk opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am - 5.30pm.

My device isn't making a sound. How do I know it is switched on?

This is a very common question but easily resolvable. The tracker will not make an ascending chime if it is switched on and connected to a network. To test if the tracker is on, you can press 'find pet' for an updated location or you can press 'find device' in the settings; this will cause the tracker to chime.

Lost Tracker/Device

If your pet or loved one has managed to misplace their tracker, then don't worry, all is not lost. We offer half-price trackers that will be tied to your current subscription.

Battery Life

To extend battery life, you can change the tracking frequency in the settings. This function only affects the track and replay function, not "Find Pet."

Can I track 2 cats/dogs on one subscription?

If you purchase two trackers, you will need to purchase two subscriptions. Each tracker has its own SIM card, and the subscription covers the cost of the data and service from the SIM card.

Tracking Frequency

This is how often the tracker logs the location on track and replay. It can be set to 1 minute, 10 minutes, and 1 hour. If you need to find the pet at that moment, press 'find pet'.

It is not displaying the right location

There are two reasons it may show the wrong location:

  • When you press 'find pet', it will either say WIFI, GPS, or LBS in the white bubble below your pet's name.
  • If it says LBS, this means the tracker has connected to the local base station, which could be miles away from your house. To stop this from happening, go into settings and turn off the 'local base station' option, then press 'find pet' again.
  • If it says WIFI, the tracker has connected to your WIFI. The tracker detects the unique identifier of any routers transmitting an SSID that is in range and sends those when the tracker reports its location. Our backend system can use the unique IDs to perform a geocode lookup to get an approximate location for that Wi-Fi router.

The device is stating offline

If a device is stating it is 'offline', this indicates it is either turned off or has run out of battery. Please charge the tracker for 2 hours and switch it on. If the tracker has not connected within 2 hours, please contact us.

The device is not connected to the internet.

This suggests the tracker has lost signal. Please ensure the tracker is fully charged and switched on. If the tracker is flashing blue, it means it is searching for a signal. Place the tracker on a windowsill for 2 hours, and if it has not connected, please contact us.

Why does the tracker not turn off?

The tracker will switch itself off or can be turned off via the button if it does not have a connection. If the tracker does have a connection, it will no longer switch off via the button. This is to prevent a stranger from turning off the tracker. To switch off the tracker, press remote shutdown in the settings on the app.