Setup Guide

Thank you for your purchase of the Safer Pet tracker.  You are a few moments away from being up and running, and never losing your pet again!

Before you start, you will need to make sure to buy a subscription via so your tracker will work.

Step 1 – Charge your tracker.  You will first need to open the rubber cover over the tracker charging port before you start.

Then insert the USB cable provided into the port on the side of the tracker to begin charging.

The button in the centre of the tracker will start flashing.  The LED will stop flashing when it is fully charged, which may take up to two hours.

 Safer Pet GPS Pet Tracker Setup Guide

Step 2 - Turn it on by holding down the button in the centre (approx. 3 seconds) until you hear ascending chimes.

Step 3 - You need to download the Safer Pet app from Google Play or Apple Store.

Step 4 – Once downloaded, open the app and sign up.  You need to register again as your website account does not automatically transfer to the app.

Step 5 - After you have signed up, the app will prompt you to scan the QR code on the back of the tracker to add it to your account, and then to add the name of your pet, and who you are.

Step 6 – Insert the tracker in the silicone case and then thread your pet’s collar through the loops of the silicone case

You’re done!  As soon as you take you and your pet outside, click on Find Pet to see your pet’s location!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I improve the battery life?

There are three tracking frequency modes, you can adjust these by going to ‘Settings,’ ‘Tracking Frequency,’ where you will get three options – every minute, every ten minutes (default) or every hour. For maximum battery life change the interval to one hour. You can still locate your pet at any time by pressing ‘Find Pet.’

How do I find my location relative to my pet?

To find your location relative to your pet, press the icon that looks like a mobile phone.

How do I turn off my tracker?

To turn off the tracker, you will need to go into ‘Settings’ and press ‘Shutdown the device.’ Please remember to turn it back on when you want to use the tracker again (step 2)

How do I add a family member?

Please see our How To Video below on how to add a family member.


Why does my tracker show the wrong location?

Firstly, in your ‘Settings’ menu, turn ‘Set Local Base Station’, to off. The Local Base Station is your nearest mobile phone mast with the strongest signal, which could be miles away. This will stop the tracker automatically defaulting to it and so should improve accuracy.

If you are indoors, the tracker will pick up the nearest Wi-fi signals, and centre itself based on that which may not always be 100% accurate. If your pet shows up at this location, you know that it is at home. You can always tell which signal the tracker has picked up as the white bubble icon on the map will show GPS, LBS or Wi-fi.

If you have any problems getting up and running then please do contact us for assistance:

Email us:

Chat via the website