About Safer Pet

The Safer Pet Mission

At Safer Pet, our mission is to enhance the bond between pets and their owners by leveraging cutting-edge tracking technology. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that ensure the safety, security, and well-being of beloved pets worldwide.

Our goal is to empower pet owners with reliable, user-friendly tracking devices that enable real-time monitoring, accurate location tracking, and timely alerts.

Through our advanced pet tracking technology, we aim to offer peace of mind, reduce anxiety, and promote responsible pet ownership.

At Safer Pet, we believe that every pet deserves a safe and happy life, and we are committed to delivering products that help make this vision a reality.

Meet our CEO - Lisa Hunter

Lisa has a background in finance and is a qualified accountant as well as a driven and self accomplished businesswoman.

As the former CFO of Send For Help Group (now rebranded as Peoplesafe), the world's largest lone worker protection provider, Lisa has extensive experience managing fast-paced, high growth environments. She boasts expertise in adding value and driving change which contributed to a successful exit to private equity in 2018.

Now her focus has shifted and is consumed by disrupting the market and creating cutting-edge solutions for pet owners.

Doogie the Jack Russell

My doogie was the youngest of six. He was the smallest one in his litter and he is very small, even for a Jack Russell. Doogie is a Parson Jack Russell Terrier, and he actually thinks he is around the size of a Great Dane, or a Bull Mastiff, and has no hesitation in making his presence felt around larger dogs, he enjoys marking his territory. He’s a protector.

Doogie loves his walks but also like to be in charge. He decides when he’s had enough and when he has, he’s been known to trot home all by himself. In
fact, he is so independent that the Safer Pet GPS tracker became the perfect purchase. Peace of mind and Doogie’s safety is paramount, he is one of the

He likes

The noise of the TV calms him

He loves treat time

Small forest walks