Safely Celebrate Halloween with your pets

Spooky season is upon us! While organising your own Halloween plans might be easy, your pets might also want to be involved. There are plenty of Halloween activities which you can get your pet involved in – if they want to be! Don’t forget, many pets may not want to do anything, you know your pet best!

Cute and Scary Costumes

If your pet enjoys dressing up, this is the opportunity to get your furry friend in a head-turning Halloween costume or just a cute outfit for snuggling up on the couch for a scary movie. Just make sure you find a comfortable costume that fits them well and it isn’t too tight plus, ensure there are no chewable parts. In case your pet is not into full-coverage costumes, you can consider a bandana or scarf or other collar-themed items.

Spooky Toys

As far as fun with pets is concerned, toys are a must. You can get them from most pet shops who offer holiday-themed toys, treats, and costumes at this time of year. Otherwise, you can get into Halloween DIY, building toys using old socks and tennis balls.

Trick or Treating Together

While most dogs would like to tag along for Halloween trick or treating, some are easily spooked and the night can become very chaotic due to the crazy costumes, loud noises and frightening screams. So, let’s have a look at how to keep them safe when you are out and about.

dog and cat walking through a forest with leaves all over the ground. Dog has pumpkin tub in his mouth and wearing witches outfit

How do I keep my pets safe throughout Halloween?

If you plan to stay at home and hand out sweets, make sure if you have a nervous dog, they are put away in a different room with interesting toys to keep them busy every time the door opens. You could put the TV on high volume or have the radio on, both can be a great way to keep your dog or feline from getting distracted by outside activities.

If you do go out and about with a dog, your pet should be with you at all times, so no strangers can feed them treats. Halloween sweets can be potentially fatal to a pet from the plastic wrappings to chocolate and chewy sweets.

Aside from a pet's personality, their background can also dictate their triggers which may result in mayhem. Hence, most rescues may not enjoy the loud noises, spooky sounds and other Halloween effects. Therefore, consider keeping their Safer Pet Tracker on their collar so you can find them if they get spooked.

Fun and Safe Decorations

Plant-based decorations such as pumpkins and corn are mostly harmless. However, faux spider webs and other outdoor decorations can cause stomach upset or even blockages. Why not get creative and carve out your own decorations!

A happy pet equals a happy owner!

Halloween can be for your pet just as much as it is for you. If you prefer to stay indoors, do that! If you want to get out and about, hopefully the tips here will help make it an easier experience for you all. You pet is unique, and you know them best! If they don’t like an outfit, take it off! Biting at the outfit is a good sign they are uncomfortable so take it off before they bite off more than they should!

Don’t forget to get your Safer Pet tracker on your pet’s collars so you can track them easily. This will help if they get into mischief or into trouble – you can track them down and bring them home quickly.

Everyone at Safer Pet hopes you enjoy the celebrations in whatever way suits you!


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