Are you your cat's favourite person?

With their mysterious ways, cats often leave us wondering – who is their favourite human? Let's explore the telltale signs of love and trust that our furry friends express.


  1. Purring GPS Coordinates:


Dive into the nuances of your cat's purring patterns – the GPS coordinates of their contentment. While cats purr when at ease if your feline companion reserves their loudest purrs for a specific person, it might be a sign that they've found their preferred companion. Take note of when the purring symphony plays – during cuddle sessions, while being pampered, or perhaps in the presence of your partner.


  1. Grooming Sessions:


Cats, meticulous groomers with a flair for detail, extend their care to themselves and those they hold dear. If your Safer Pet-tracked friend initiates grooming sessions with you or your partner, it's a clear signal of trust and affection. Mutual grooming becomes the compass guiding the bond, and the chosen person may find themselves at the receiving end of more frequent and extended grooming sessions.


  1. Cuddling Coordinates:


Observe whether your cat snuggles up to you, your partner, or perhaps both. The positioning – on your lap, beside you, or wrapped around your partner – acts as coordinates, revealing insights into their comfort level and preferred companionship.


  1. Eye Contact and Blinking Beacon:


Prolonged eye contact and incorporating slow blinks in the interaction signal a deep connection.


  1. Playtime Trails:


Take note of how your cat engages during play sessions. With their unique play styles and favourite toys, cats might reveal their preferences. If your feline friend actively seeks play sessions with one person over another, it could indicate a special connection. The enthusiasm and excitement during play act as coordinates guiding us to their favoured playmate.


In the quest to decode your cat's affections, while not an exact science, Safer Pet encourages observing their behaviours as valuable insights into their preferred human companion. Cats are unique individuals, and their affections may meander over time. Whether your cat leans more towards you or your partner, treasure the distinctive bond you share. Continue showering them with love, care, and attention, ensuring a joyous and fulfilling relationship with your feline friend. And remember, at Safer Pet, we celebrate the unique connections between pets and their guardians.

Important Reminder: It is now a legal requirement for cats to be microchipped and registered on a DEFRA-compliant database like this one here.

And remember, Keep your feline friend safer with Safer Pet's advanced GPS tracker.

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