A Pawsome Celebration for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

With history about to be made, most of us will be looking forward to a four day weekend and anticipating the excitement and fun of celebrating such a special occasion.

The event marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. In February 2022, the Queen became the longest-reigning British monarch. To celebrate this impressive feat, we have an extra bank holiday in June to enable us to celebrate in style.

The Queen is a keen dog lover and is renowned for her love of dogs, particularly Corgis. It seems only fitting that you would want to share the celebrations with your canine companion.

So here at Safer Pet, we thought we would share some ideas on how you can bring your dog to the pawty.


Dog Festivals

Yes, that is right. There are lots of Paws in the Park taking place across the country. These festivals have activities to suit both you and your furry friend. There is music, comedy, and food for the human part of your partnership. There are competitions to choose the most Regal Rescue or Nobel Puppy for your furry pal. Or you could try your hand at dog agility! Some have a splash pool if you have a water furbaby. There are dog themed talks, plenty of dog treats and food for your hungry pup to try, all with a royal theme.


Pamper Your Pets

Maybe you and your pet prefer the idea of being treated like royalty for the weekend? You could take a trip to the spa. Your little royal pup can enjoy a facial, teeth cleaning, and receive a classy collar and rosette.

Follow this up with a stay at one of the many dog-friendly cottages or hotels, offering many ways to celebrate this historic milestone, from indulgent afternoon tea parties to sparkling parties for you and your pup. Choose from locations in magnificent areas where you can enjoy a royal stroll through forests or resplendent estate settings.

 a corgi wearing a crown and a royal cape


You may be aware of the Big Jubilee Lunch. A united lunch will be taking place on the 5th June across the country. This can be anything from a street party to a small garden party. Here are some tips if you fancy arranging your own Pooch Pawtie so your pup and others can attend.

Bake for the Big Jubilee Lunch

There is no reason for your dog to miss out on some delicious food for the Jubilee festivities. Here are some tasty treats that will get your furry friend’s tail wagging.

A dog-friendly cake is sure to be a big hit with your hungry hound. A mixture of wholemeal flour, banana, carrot and milk will perk up your pet’s ears. If you want to make it pawfect, add a little mashed potato topping for decoration.

Corgi Crunchies - suitably named after the Queen’s most beloved dogs. These fun little biscuits are made with wholewheat flour, oats, bananas, egg and peanut butter.

Platinum Pupcakes - make these using wholewheat flour, baking powder, olive oil, peanut butter, unsweetened apple sauce, pumpkin puree, and an egg. Add a topping of delicious Greek yoghurt.

Cucumber Frosties - if the weather is warm, how about some cool cucumber frosties? Use cucumber, Greek yoghurt, honey and some chia seeds, and chill these tasty little morsels.


Regal Attire

You have decided on the venue, and you have finalised the menu. Now to decide on what to wear?

In this department, you will be spoilt for choice. If your pup is a crowned princess, you might like a tutu. Or, if you prefer something more regal, a robe and a crown might be more fitting.

Do you have a handsome hound who regularly wears a coat? A smart tuxedo will ensure he looks dashing.

A golden oldie or Nobel puppy might prefer a more simple attire of a bandana or a bow tie. Something not too stifling or something a young pup cannot destroy easily.

Whatever you decide, you can be sure your canine companion will attend in all their pawsome glory.



A sure way to guarantee a lively party with humans and pups is to add a few games.

An Obstacle Course is a lot of fun. The course does not need to be professional. A few jumps, perhaps a few poles to weave in and out of, a couple of ramps and maybe a tunnel.

The Cup Game, first of all, give your dog a treat, then line up a few cups and place a similar treat under one of the cups, then walk your pooch around the cups, encouraging them to find the cup with the treat.

Musical Thrones or Mats - have fewer mats or thrones set out than there are dogs and owners. While the music is playing, owners walk their dogs around the chairs and mats until the music stops. Then, when the music stops, find either a throne for the owner or a mat for the dog. The winning team earns a treat.

The Digging Box Game, most dogs love a good root around. Create a box with sand, hide toys in the box, and then encourage your clever pup to explore the box, searching for the toys.

Splash Pool is a great game to splash around and let off a bit of excitement, and extra great if it is a warm day to help keep your pooch cool.


Designate a Safe Zone

A Pooch party is a fun time for all involved. However, it can be incredibly exciting for dogs. So, if you invite several dogs to the party, ensure the area is safe and owners have leads in case of conflict.

Also, be aware that neighbouring parties might have party poppers or even fireworks that might spook your pet, so to be on the safe side, it is worth having a Safer Pet GPS pet tracker fitted.


Have Fun!

A pooch party is a pawfectly wonderful way for you and your four-legged friend to celebrate such a momentous occasion. We are only going to celebrate a Queen’s Platinum Jubilee once in our lifetime, so make sure you enjoy it!

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