Meet Reggie, the escaping dog!

Meet Reggie, the escaping dog!

Meet Reggie, who is a cross de Bordeaux and American Bulldog. He has a smoosh face and loves cuddles.  He loves all food and a bit of adventure.  Reggie is nearly 8 years old now, and is 50kg of muscle.

Reggie’s owner, Alex, left Reggie playing in the garden one summer’s day.  Alex was surprised when the Geofence alert went off on the Saferpet app, signalling that Reggie had left the garden.  Alex was able to use the app to track down Reggie, who had escaped to a neighbours garden and was playing with the neighbours children.

Meet Reggie, the escaping dog! Safer Pet GPS Dog Tracker Blog

Bemused, Alex took Reggie back to the garden, and then had a good hunt round to see where Reggie had escaped from, as the garden was surrounded by a 6ft high fence the whole way round, and Alex could have sworn that it was dog proof!

Naughty Reggie had been burrowing behind the fence at the back of the shed, and he had been covering it with a piece of wood each time he stopped digging so no one could see.  He burrowed and dug, and dug and burrowed, until he could wriggle his way out!

Luckily Reggie was found easily and quickly thanks to Safer Pet’s GPS dog tracker and free app.  With subscriptions starting from only £2.50 per month, why not sign up for yours today?

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