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With rates of dog thefts soaring across the UK, Safer Pet launch their new GPS dog tracker to combat the issue and protect pets across the UK. Find out more here.

The UK is living through uncertain times, and one consequence of the pandemic is proving to be particularly heartbreaking for families stuck indoors during quarantine - dog thefts. 

Family pets offer comfort and solace throughout lockdown but this is not stopping criminals from taking advantage of a growing market. Here is one application where the Safer Pet GPS dog tracker can act as a helpful solution. 

The price of certain breeds has quadrupled, leading to a 250% rise in dog thefts. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has joined a growing chorus of voices from Westminster who are demanding tougher sentences and more preventative measures to help owners hang onto their beloved animals.

Safer Pet GPS dog tracker offers solution to dog thefts | Safer Pet blog

Safer Pet’s solutions

It’s not all doom and gloom however. Modern GPS technology is proving an effective countermeasure to opportunistic dognappers. 

Safer Pet, a startup incorporated in 2020 to address the concerns of conscientious pet owners, uses satellite technology via a small device in a silicone case to provide a way of tracking an animal at any time of the day, and wherever they may be. The pet GPS tracker can be fitted to all standard pet collars and is suitable for use with any domesticated breed of cat or dog.

Owners monitor their pets’ activity via a mobile app, which not only alerts them to their location, but provides a record of their path of activity throughout the day. This can be accessed either via standard satellite view or through street mode.

The technology provides police and owners with vital information which contributes towards the successful retrieval of the animal. As it stands, only 5% of reported thefts result in a criminal conviction, and not all convictions lead to owners being successfully reunited with their pets.

‘Politicians are rightly calling for tougher sentences on cases of pet theft. Even the Home Secretary has intervened. Something as widespread and reliable as satellite technology offers support to pet owners’ said Safer Pet’s Managing Director Steven Gilbert.

‘When we sat down to analyse the demand for our app, feedback from pet owners was very clear - they wanted something that told them where their cat or dog was at any given time.  Safer Pet offers concerned pet owners far more than peace of mind, our pet GPS tracker is a proactive means of locating a pet quickly.' Steven Gilbert said.

Safer Pet GPS Dog Tracker

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